Sign The Man…NOW!

OK, I have no idea if James Harrison has anything left in his proverbial tank.   It could be one play, it could be one sack it could be one season.  Whatever he has left the Bengals need to do the right thing.  They need to sign him.  Yesterday.

Look, you want guarantees in life?  Here are two:  you’ll be born and eventually you will die.  After that, everything is roll of the dice.  The Bengals have played free agency this season like they do every other.  They wait for desperate teams, teams that want to appease or draw back their fan base (think Dolphins, Browns) to spend silly money on free agents who may or may not help them do those things.  When that part of Free Agent Jeopardy is over, the Bengals swoop in for bargains.  James Harrison is a bargain.  He is something the Bengals desperately need:  a pass rushing specialist.  Yes, they have Michael Johnson and, at times Carlos Dunlap.  Yes they have a terrific interior lineman in Geno Atkins.   But what the Bengals don’t have are linebackers.  Or at least good ones.  How many Manny Lawsons can one team stand?

Harrison will provide an outside edge rusher, the likes of which this team hasn’t had at linebacker in a long, long time.  Maybe it’s for only a handful of games.  Maybe it’s only for this season.  Harrison does have a history of injuries.  But if they have any questions about his skills, all they have to do is fish out their own game tapes.  He’s all over those, wreaking havoc on Bengals offensive linemen.

I’m not one to tell a team owner how to spend his money (OK, that’s a lie.  But it fits the prose and it’s not a bad way to begin bringing this home).  But if Mike Brown really likes to live in Filene’s Basement (for all of your non-Bostonians out there, it’s a deep discount department store) now is the time to pay the rent.

Signs this guy…NOW.   What’s a few million when you’re $58 million under the cap?


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Multiple EMMY Award Winning Sports Director At Cincinnati's WLWT News 5 and Sports Talk Host At 700 WLW
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