Random Thoughts For A Random Mondayt

I’m back….I know how concerned all my blog-a-files have been.  Thank you….

OK what do we know about this Reds team through six games?  Well, it can beat you a number of ways.  The starting pitchers, save for Mike Leake’s two HR pitches (why is it after a pitcher throws a couple of gopher balls we always hear after the game “I just made a couple of mistakes”?  Any chance the hitters just did a couple of things “right”?  Just askin’) have been as billed.   The bullpen has been strong, despite the overuse of JJ Hoover.

Another thing….why did they have to begin the season with Sean Marshall unable to pitch?  Really?  Guy has to sit out first four games because of ‘shoulder tenderness’?  Didn’t know about that one BEFORE breaking camp?  Just askin’ again.

And despite Joey Votto not really contributing much (except for the game winning hit on Wednesday night) the team has hit well.  And going 4-2 against two teams that seem like post season teams is very impressive.

So far, so good…..

And then, there was that circus act that Shin Soo Choo gave us in the first inning of today’s game in St. Louis….

Not trying to shortcut Chris Heisey or Xavier Paul, but I do think the Reds will have to go outside the organization, eventually, and find someone to play left field until Ryan Ludwick returns from shoulder surgery.   It’s too early for a trade (and the rest of MLB knows that the Reds are in the market for a left fielder).  But don’t be surprised if Walt Jocketty uses some of that excess bullpen (Arredondo and Ondrusek) to bring a left fielder to Cincinnati from a team out of contention later this summer.

And when Ludwick does comeback, will he return as the player he was before ripping up his shoulder?  Ludwick has a violent swing, which is where a lot of his power comes from.  No telling at this point if he’ll be 100% when he returns, which I’m told won’t be until at least August…..

The Yankees have major injury issues.  The Blue Jays are better and the Orioles seem to be better than they were last season.  The AL East may have a division winner with just 85 games.  It’s that competitive…

Andre Smith must know something we don’t.  Because there doesn’t seem to be an NFL team that wants the Bengals free agent except…wait on it…the Bengals.  And according to profootballtalk.com today, the Bengals interest in bringing their right tackle back to Bengaldom appears to be waning…

Anybody having a better week than Ricky P?   His horse wins a huge race out West and is headed to the Derby.  His son gets the head coaches’ job at the University of Minnesota.  Today, Pitino was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  And Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals have this game tonight…..

Just a hunch, but I don’t think Tommy Tuberville will name Munchie Legaux UC’s starting quarterback heading into the pre season camp….





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