Over/Under on how many of the 10 draft picks the Bengals just selected make either the final roster or the practice squad?   I’m setting it at seven…..

The one rookie I really want to see this weekend wasn’t drafted.  Vontaze Burfict was projected to be a first round pick, maybe as high as tenth overall.  But he ran up a lot of personal foul penalties at Arizona State and then had an awful Combine, where he ran a 40 yard dash in excess of five seconds, plodding for a linebacker.   But he connected at the Arizona State workout day with Marvin Lewis (I can see your eyes rolling now) and apparently said or did the right things there for the Bengals to take a flyer on him.   Check him out

Whether or not any of this translates into what it takes to be a great NFL player will be determined over the next year or so.  But the Bengals are out nothing, only a few more guffaws if one of their “projects” fails to pan out.

By the way….I’m going with the over on draft picks…..

Who’s the most vulnerable in the Reds starting five man rotation?   If you did want to take one pitcher out and insert Aroldis Chapman, whom would it be and why do I keep hearing Homer Bailey’s name almost all of the time?   Until his clunker of a start in Milwaukee, Bailey has pitched reasonably well, certainly well enough to be the ‘fifth starter’.

Bailey’s 4.93 ERA is exactly the same as Mat Latos and better than Mike Leake’s.  He’s walked the exact same amount of batters are Latos (13) and allowed the exact number of earned runs as both Leake and Latos (19).  So why does Bailey get brought up first when the conversation turns to which pitcher should go?   Is it because he’s been here the longest and we’re simply tired of him?   Discuss….

Will Ferrell hosts Saturday Night Live this week on WLWT Channel 5.   Here’s the song/bit that Ferrell did years ago that still holds up.

Critics call him a ‘one trick pony’ in that his characters all tend to be the same (kind of doofy) and his movies all tend to have the same plot line (which I never gave any credence to.  How can anyone say that Talladega Nights is the same as Anchorman), but he never fails to make me laugh.   Jackie Moon?  Come on!   And the guy has made a ton of money for himself.

Here’s some breaking news:  Tiger Woods is unraveling before our eyes.  Could we be witnessing a career collapse that was self inflicted.   And as he stood before those cameras in the spring of 2010 to apologize to everyone under the sun, who would have envisioned the monument collapse his career has suffered?  Woods will win a tournament again, maybe several.  But he’ll never again be what he was before that fateful Thanksgiving night in 2009 and he won’t beat Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors.  You can make book on that…..

Reading a book right now on the history of the World Hockey Association called “Renegade League”.   It makes me wonder if the NHL would have made it in Cincinnati.  History lesson:  the NHL announced it was going to expand in the early 70’s by two teams.  The cities in play where whittled down to three:  Kansas City, Washington DC, Cincinnati.   The other two towns got the team.  Cincinnati got the….well, promise that the next round of expansion would include us.  But Riverfront Coliseum was already built and looking for a tenant.  The money men chasing the NHL, Bill DeWitt, Jr and Brian Heekin, along with Bob Castellini opted for immediacy and took a franchise in the WHA.   When that league “merged” (the NHL called it that to avoid using the word expansion) DeWitt-Heekin-Castellini were offered a chance to join or take a cash settlement.   The group staged a season ticket push that fell short of their goal, the Stingers folded and the group took the money and ran.   Would the NHL have worked here, along with the NFL and MLB?  Maybe initially it would have.  But I wonder if, long term, the franchise would have survived, knowing the amount of business that’s left the greater Cincinnati area since 1979….

Meantime, a little nostalgia…

Old Time Hockey, eh?  Eddie Shore…..


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