Just a few things bouncing around my head like a ping pong ball in a mixing bowl…..

I have no doubt the Reds will eventually hit better than they did in April. But the fear has to be that when that happens, there will be issues with pitching. Last year, that seemed to be the case more often than not. Both facets of the game were rarely clicking at the same time. In 2010, it was just the opposite. The difference between winning and losing in baseball is avoiding prolonged slumps and, in turn, losing streaks. That happens when pitching and hitting click at the same time….

If I’m Dusty Baker, I never bat Drew Stubbs lead off again, as in ever. It hasn’t work and there’s no indication it will work as well as it will with Stubbs hitting either second or seventh. The obvious choice to lead off is Brandon Phillips. But the lack of a pure clean up hitter precludes that. Until and if the Reds come up with that, Zack Cozart is the stop gap answer….

By the way, given the Reds hitting troubles and the fact that their starting pitching past Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo has been shaky, it’s amazing they’re a .500 club and just three and a half games behind the Cardinals….

Tough luck for Paul Janish, who’s out for at least six weeks now after breaking his wrist in a Triple A game this past weekend. Janish was hitting well. And his defense was never an issue. He might have been a better middle infield option for the Reds at some point this season than what they have now. But that option is on hold, until at least July 4th….

The most amazing story inside the Reds organization this spring has been the play of speedy Billy Hamilton. Now with the Reds High A ball club in Bakersfield, California, Hamilton has 28 stolen bases in 25 games and is hitting .398. At this rate, he’ll be at Double A Pensacola by mid June….

Before you get all geeked about the Bengals recent draft, remember the NFL path is littered with draft picks touted as ‘can’t miss’ who did. Prospects are suspects until proven otherwise…

That said, I think second round pick, defensive tackle Devin Still from Penn State, was an absolute steal. And I believe that Kevin Zeitler will be a perfect fit at guard for a long time, as will David DeCastro be with the Steelers. For all intents and purposes, the Bengals passed on DeCastro, arguably the best offensive lineman in the draft, trading down and picking up an extra third round pick…..

If the story about Mark Lyons departure from Xavier is true (the grad student to be had one more year of eligibility remaining when Chris Mack told him to hit the trail), then bravo to Mack. Rumors have Lyons openly shopping himself to other Division I programs, after assuring Mack he’d return for one more year at Xavier. Here’s my prediction: Lyons winds up with Kentucky next season, a team that needs a guard who can come in and play immediately.

But John Calipari wouldn’t take a player who’d be around for just one season, would he?


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