Everywhere you look the Bengals are getting high praise for their recent NFL draft. When was the last time, in the history of this franchise, have we been able to say that? OK, here’s the answer to that: never.

Take what’s Don Banks had to say:’s Don Banks On Bengals

Meantime, long time Bengals believer, Pete Prisco had this in his column

Pete Prisco On Bengals Draft

But the truth is, nobody knows how this draft will pan out for at least three years. Remember the 2005 Bengals draft? Round one: David Pollack, Round two: Odell Thurman, Round three: Chris Henry. What looked so promising on draft day, and later that year when the Bengals dominated their division, became a complete bust four years later. It’s the nature of the game. Nothing counts, until they starting counting points. Everyone who was drafted this past weekend was drafted on what they did in college and how they project as pros.

Now then, to the Bengals most controversial move of draft day weekend. It wouldn’t be the Bengals without at least one of those. Vontraze Burfict was projected to be a top 5 pick last fall. But that was before he started accumulating personal foul penalties, ran a 5.05 40 yard dash at the Combine, and allegedly flunked a drug test in Indianapolis. Suddenly the can’t miss middle linebacker was a ‘can’t find’ on draft weekend. Undrafted, Burfict fell completely out of the draft. But the Bengals wasted little time in signing him as a free agent. Apparently Marvin Lewis had a long talk with Burfict at Arizona State’s pro workout day. Marvin must have like what he heard from Burfict. Personal troubles aside (and he seems to have more than a few) Burfict can play football, as evidence in this piece of video will attest.

Vontaze Burfict Highlights

If the Bengals can straighten Burfict out emotionally and mentally, Rey Mauluaga’s life just got a little more complicated.


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