What we’re seeing this year from the Reds is eerily (discouragingly?) like what we saw from them last year.  Only worse.    Last year, it seemed as though if the Reds couldn’t hit the long ball,  they couldn’t score.  They’re scoring less through 12 games now, but still relying heavily on the long ball.

And they continue to be plagued by the strikeout.

But here’s something to remember about the Reds:  they had similar problems in 2010, the only time since 1995 they’ve been to the playoffs.  Three times in 2010, the Reds had 4-8 streaks.  Yet they survived that and won the NL Central Division.  The only reason why their 4-8 start (before Wednesday) is garnering so much ire, is that it’s occurred at the beginning of the year.

Eventually, this Reds team will hit and the Cardinals will cool off.  The fear, of course, is that St. Louis may build a hearty lead before both of those things happen.  But the 4-8 streaks in 2010 may be a good thing to keep in mind, particularly when it’s early.

Here’s another thing to help you along too.

Now then, the NFL draft begins one week from today.  The Bengals have two first round picks (thank you Oakland Raiders).  I can’t believe I’m hearing from some fans that the Bengals should figure out a way to get Alabama running back, Trent Richardson.   People:  this is not fantasy football.  In the real game, you have to block, tackle, and cover wide receivers.  The Bengals need help in all three categories.  So rather than trying to concoct schemes where the Bengals can take both of those first round picks and trade up to get Richardson, be patient and wait.  Because at #17 overall, a player of immediate impact may fall into your lap.  For example, this guy:

And if you really want a running back, here’s my pick to click.   I’ve watched him a lot and think he’d be a great fit.   And by the way, he will be around when the Bengals pick #21 overall and quite possibly could slip all the way down to when they pick in round two.

Now, some random thoughts on this random Thursday, while wondering if the Reds get better in Chicago on that dreadful Cubs team……

Would it not have made more sense for the Reds to have sent Aroldis Chapman to Louisville last May, when he had all of those control issues, and told him we’re making your a starting pitcher in 2012 and get ready for that?  Imagine what the Reds could have done this past off-season with all of those prospects they sent to the Padres in exchange for Mat Latos.  Could they have found an every day, bona fide left fielder, or lead off hitter or kept Yonder Alonso as a legitimate left handed bat off the bench?   Imagine Brad Boxberger, the closer in waiting, and the $8.5 million they could have saved, rather than ‘flushing’ it when Ryan Madson blew his elbow out.   Sometimes, it’s not so much what you do that brings trouble.  Often, it’s what you don’t do….

I get what Dusty Baker was doing, bringing Bill Bray in to face the Cardinals with the game on the line Tuesday night and not going with Chapman.  Baker was trying to instill confidence in Bray.  You can get away with that early in a season.  But Bray needed to pass the test and didn’t, and was blown up again Wednesday night…..

Why do I have this sinking feeling that the Bengals will have a better team in 2012 and a worse record?…..

BTW,  if Mike Brown can’t sell Paul Brown Stadium out for the schedule that was handed to him this year, he never will.  Manning brothers on back to back weekends?  Carson Palmer returns the Sunday after Thanksgiving?  The Sunday Night Football game against the Steelers?  All of those games should be hard sell outs…..

The great Jerry Lucas will be one of my guests this Sunday on 700 WLW.  Lucas will be in town next weekend, Friday and Saturday, at the Moeller Sports Card and Memorabilia Show.   Show organizer, Steve Schell is reuniting the Cincinnati Royals from the early 60’s, of which Lucas was a key part.  The Royals of the 60’s were a terrific group, including Lucas, Tom Thacker, Connie Dierking and Adrian Smith, all of whom will be at the show.  Lucas was a playground legend, still is, in Middletown who grew to 6’9″ early in high school.  He would have been recruited heavily, had he allowed it.   But Lucas told virtually every college that he did not want to speak with any representative and would immediately eliminate a school from his consideration IF they tried to recruit him.  Only one school tried:  Kentucky.  Adolph Rupp showed up at Middletown High School one afternoon to attempt to recruit Lucas.   He politely told Rupp that he would not speak with him and, because Rupp insisted on trying to recruit him, told the legendary coach he would no longer consider attending UK.   Lucas selected Ohio State, where he became one of the greatest players in college basketball history.

I also told every college that I did not want to be recruited, nor would I speak with any college who openly tried to do so.  The only difference between Lucas and me is that nobody knocked on my door.   Of course, I wasn’t 6’9″ with a killer hook shot.

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