No you didn’t.  You had NO idea who M.I.A  was before Sunday night.  And the only reason why she flipped your the bird was to get you talking about her.  Mission accomplished…..

Madonna should have left the dancing to her stage mates.  She looked like she was moving in slow motion.   Don’t get me wrong, for a 52 year old woman, she looked great, but terribly stuck in the ’80’s….

When she vanished at the end of her show and the World Peace sign lit up, did that mean Madonna had to die for world peace to happen?   Have we seen her since?….

Or was that simply a tribute to the artist formerly known as Ron Artest?…..

How much over the top would it have been (like it wasn’t as is) if during her final number, Madonna and her crew dropped to a “Tebowing” pose (the song was, after all, “Like A Prayer”) and then rising from the stage on a hydraulic lift was the real Tebow “Tebowing”?…..

And you thought the rest of the world really hates us right  now…

I think Bill Belichick was a great coach before Sunday’s Super Bowl loss to the Giants.  I think he’s even a better coach now.  Consider this, Belichick probably had his worst team, defensively, that’s appeared in a Super Bowl.  And while the Patriots didn’t beat a team with a winning record this season until the AFC Championship game when they beat the Ravens, Belichick managed to guide his team all the way to the final game of the season.  When you hear talk about coaching making a difference, the conversation should start with Belichick…

Belichick and Coughlin both come from Bill Parcell’s coaching tree.  But every coaching twig began with Paul Brown.  I have no doubt if he were alive and coaching today, he would be the exact same genius he was back in the 40’s and 50’s.   I still can’t believe he’s been gone 20 years….

Eli or Peyton?  Stop the nonsense.  Peyton Manning was the definitive quarterback of the last 12 years.  Eli has more Super Bowl wins and MVP awards than his big brother and may eventually be seen in the same league as Peyton, but he’s not there yet…..

Best Super Bowl commercial, hands down, was the “Halftime In America” spot for Chrysler.  Truth be told, 20 seconds into the commercial, I thought Clint Eastwood was going to announce he’s running for President.   I don’t get how anyone saw any political implications in the commercial.   I thought Dirty Harry was just trying to sell American made cars.  Did anyone think Emminen was making a political speech last year when he did the Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler?…

Eastwood claims he has no political affiliation, says he’s a Libertarian now.  When he was Mayor of Carmel, California, he was an independent….

Eastwood was paid $1 million to do the commercial.  He said Monday night he donated all of that to a charity of his choice.   The only thing I found wrong with the commercial was that it was filmed in New Orleans, not Detroit.

Anyhow, I don’t need a car.  But around 8:30pm ET last Sunday night, I wanted to run out and buy a Chrysler.  Good spot…




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