All I want for Christmas is…..vote below!…..

So the Reds finally completed the deal for reliever Sean Marshall?   Good.  He’s one of the best left handed relievers in baseball.  Travis Wood?  Didn’t think he’d be a part of the plan going forward.  When he was good, Wood was very good.  When he was bad, he was very bad.  Dave Sappelt was a bit of a surprise.  But can you say Norris Hopper?   Never thought he’d be on a Reds team when it won a World Series….

Now about that left fielder….

Over/under on Bengals attendance Saturday?  I’m going with 37,500.  Mike Brown bought out the family of one of the team’s original investors this week.  He was quoted in a Bengals press release.  “We are committed to steps that will continue the Bengals as an asset for Greater Cincinnati.”  Just in case you were losing sleep over the team leaving town….

Why do I have a sinking feeling that the Bengals will win out, but so too will the Jets.  I know there is a scenario or two that if that happens, the Bengals can sneak into the playoffs because of some tie breaker.  But honestly, does anyone believe for a moment that Elvis would be come back from the dead to sing “Do The Clam”?  Of course not!

We all know his first song would be C.C. Rider….

Speaking of songs, here now my favorite Christmas song of all time

The lady singing the song is different from the lady who appears in this video. The voice belongs to Lisa Layne.  A few years back, Lisa told me how she came to record this song.  Apparently Vince Vance, the group’s leader, an eccentric sort, got a last second studio session and began phoning the three females in the group to get into the studio.  Two of the female singers were out shopping.  The only singer available was Layne, who cut the song.  The rest, as they say, is history….

Early prediction on the Liberty Bowl:  UC 27 Vanderbilt 17….

I hope Butch takes the team to Graceland.  Everyone should have at least one chance to see where Elvis is allegedly buried.  He’ll be watching the game at his home in Grand Rapids….

Speaking of The King

Just asking after watching all of these “give a car for a Christmas present” commercials.  Does anyone actually give someone a car for a Christmas gift?  If so, how come I never got one?

Because the NFL games, most of them anyway, are on Saturday, that’s when you’ll near me next on 700 WLW.  Among my guests tomorrow morning at 9am ET will be baseball expert Dan Laurila from http://www.fangraphs.com, as well as NFL writer Clark Judge from http://www.cbssports.com.  Then, I’ll be back on the air at 5:30 to take your phone calls about the Bengals vs Cardinals game.  I might even sneak in a Christmas song or two along the way.

Peace…and I mean that.  We don’t have a lot of it in our lives at any time of the year….


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  1. Leys look at why fans do not show up at games. The main reason is the NFL blacks out the local games and I do not know who the new players are. All I see is they come out and score field goals and can not drive in to get touch downs. The defence starts out good but the other team offence figures them out and they blow the game at the end. Tickets are high and parking and foos is high. They don’t advertise the new players due to the NFL blackout so I can not see them to pay for something I can enjoy. The past is hard to let go of. I was a very good fan for 30 years but I did not get any enjoyment of losing. The NFL and Bengals ran the fans off and they got to find a way to win to get them back. It is what it is.

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