It is the biggest trade of the baseball off season
to date.  And there seems to be no consensus about who got the better end of it. 
Reviews are mixed.  

Former Reds General Manager, Jim Bowden hates it.  Which probably means, we should
like it.  Bowden pulled off some decent deals when he ran things in Redsland.    But
few had any impact on the fortunes of the team.  Remember, he and his cronies were
the folks who drafted a string of sore armed pitchers, thought Wily Mo Pena was the
second coming of Barry Bonds and gave us such under-achievers and over hyped talent
like Austin Kearns and Brandon Larson.  And who can forget 2003 first round draft
pick, Ryan Wagner?  Oh that's right, everybody

A good guest of this show, Fox Sports baseball expert Ken Rosenthal wrote...and this
is a direct quote "To land a potential No. 1 starter – one who is 24 years old, a
year away from arbitration and four years away from free agency — it takes just
slightly more than a few warm bodies."

You got to give up something to get something.  Did Jocketty over pay?  Trolling for
pitching in a seller's market, he had to.   

Despite what you may think, Jocketty ddn't fall of some turnip truck and saw a help
wanted sign hanging outside of Bob Castellini's office.  This is a guy who built
world series winners in both Oakland and St. Louis.  Largely he did that by trading
prospects for proven players.   The jury is still out on Alonso.  I'm a fan.  I
think he's going to be a good player in the major leagues for a long time.   But the
rest of the players heading west in this deal, i don't know if they're ever going to
be any good.  You don't either.  That's the risk in any trade.   Edinson Volquez
infuriated just about everybody who's ever called into this radio station.   Yasmani
Grandahl?  Great looking prospect.  Hasn't played an inning of ball above Triple-A. 
Like Yonder Alonso, the chances of him contributing at the major league level at his
natural position anytime before 2014 were slim.   Brad Boxberger?  To hear and read
some people today, I thought the Reds traded Nolan Ryan in this deal.  I couldn't
pick Brad Boxberger out of a line-up.  You couldn't either.  Like Grandahl, all he
is to you is just a stat line.  The minor leagues are full of guys with great stat
lines whose skills never translate into major league players.

This isn't to say any of these guys going west aren't any good.  I think Alonso will
have a strong major league career and Volquez may become serviceable with a new
orgranization.  Boxberger and Grandahl will eventually make it to the majors.   But
to be paralyzed by potential is foolish.   Afraid this is another Hamilton for
Volquez fiasco?  So you'll never want this team to make another trade?  Think the
Reds paid too much?   So you think Jocketty was just wildly trading players in some
altered state of mind?  Get real.

In 2012, the best player in the game will not be in St. Louis anymore.  The Brewers
have lost their big hitting first baseman and the guy who won the National League
MVP award this past season my be a steroid freak.   He's scheduled to miss almost a
third of the season right now.   The Astros stink.   The Cubs are years away from
contending and the Pirates?  Come on.    The National League Central is major league
baseball's worst and most winnable division.   You win with pitching and defense.  
The Reds field the ball well.  They produced a lot of runs last year.  Their
starting pitching was abysmal last season.   This is a chance to fix a flaw by
trading players whose absence won't affect the major league club in the next two
seasons.   The Reds window to win is about that long.   It is for most teams not
named the Yankees, Phillies or Red Sox.   Enough with the angst

About kenbroo

Multiple EMMY Award Winning Sports Director At Cincinnati's WLWT News 5 and Sports Talk Host At 700 WLW
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