Memo to radio stations who start playing Christmas music in early November.  STOP.  We know why you do it (your ratings are awful) and you make all of us sick of Rudolph, Brenda Lee and Gene Autry before Thanksgiving.   “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas” when it’s 65* and sunny?  You think we’re in Boca Raton?

Memo to stores that bring out their Christmas decorations in late October.  STOP.  We’re going to Christmas shop in your store, relax.  By the time Christmas arrives, we’ve been overwhelmed by it.

But then again, I could just be another crabby old man…..

UC got Zach Collaros back on the field and practicing again today?  Really?  That’s just 35 days since breaking his ankle in the Bearcats loss to West Virginia?  That could rival Lazarus for one of the biggest comebacks ever.

Lazarus still in first place…..

I’ve been going back and forth on Mick Cronin’s punishment of the UC players involved in that end of the game fight against Xavier.  When I first heard him speak about the fight, immediately after the game, I got the feeling Mick was going to make a big statement and suspended Gates for the balance of the season.  A lot of people are outraged that Cronin only gave Gates and two other Bearcats six games off.   Earlier this week, I was right there with them.  But the more I think about it, at a certain point with punishment, you reach a diminishing return.  At some point, the guilty parties need to know that there will be a second chance and it should be cherished.  The only way to give someone a second chance, it to….give it to them.   Everyone deserves a second chance….

Unless you run Major League Baseball and the person involved is Pete Rose.

And now, for a musical interlude.  My favorite Christmas song of all time, delivered by two of the greatest entertainers of all time…

Now, to your Cincinnati Bengals…..

I think they win big in St. Louis.  The Rams stink, you could play cornerback for them and they start a quarterback who just signed last week, Kellen Clemens.  If the Bengals don’t put 30 points up on this team, I’d be shocked.  If they don’t win, you’ll have to call and EMS truck to revive me…

Then again the Rams do have Steven Jackson….

You want another game to watch Sunday that doesn’t involve the Bengals.  Not Tim Tebow and the Broncos against the Patriots.  Keep your eye on the Jets at the Eagles.  If the Jets win that game, there’s no way the Bengals make the playoffs.  Most total wins the Bengals can get will be ten.  The Jets get to nine with a win over Philly.  They also end the season at Miami and with that team in disarray, the Jets win handily down there.   If the Bengals and Jets finished tied with ten wins apiece, the Jets would win the tie breaker.  Even if the Jets lose Sunday and they beat the Giants next week, end of the road for the Bengals…..

Are the Reds planning on doing anything this off season?  Have they done ANYTHING to appreciably upgrade their roster since winning the National League Central Division in 2010, like 423 days ago?  Some baseball watchers think the Reds got better by simply watching Albert Pujos and (soon) Prince Fielder say goodbye to the division.  But last I checked, they still have no closer, no top of the rotation starter to compliment Johnny Cueto and no right handed hitter to balance the Reds batting order.


Give Walt Jocketty this:  he’s a patient man.  He knows that Fielder must first find a home, that there will be some pretty fair bottom feeding of talent that’s flooded the market, particularly at closer and that a starter can be had (Joe Saunders as a free agent or James Shields in a trade).  But Jocketty can’t sell the farm to get it.  Sending Tampa Yonder Alonso (who remains a relatively cheap option for LF in 2012) and top catching prospect Yasmani Grandahl in the same trade is too steep a price at this point in the off-season.  But the man has to do something to prime the market.  What reason is there to believe that the Reds will be any better in 2012 without making some sort of upgrade?

Plenty of things I’ll be talking about Saturday and Sunday on 700 WLW.  Saturday, the best selling author John Feinstein joins me, as well as Craig Calcaterra from hardballtalk.com.   Sunday morning at 9am, “The Hit King” Pete Rose will join me, as well as Pete Prisco, the NFL correspondent from CBS Sports.  Also, we’ll be tackling the issue of religion in sports and why so many NFL players and fans are uncomfortable with Tim Tebow wearing his religion “on his sleeve”.  Personally, I have no problem with it.  Those who joke about it, or rail against it, obviously do.

Sunday night on Sports Rock, right after SNF (good match up between the Ravens and Chargers) and News 5, ESPN 1530 & 700 WLW’s Mo Egger will join us.  As will Santa’s half brother, Sega Claus.  We understand his ‘off the sauce’ and back on the wagon this Christmas….

And….we’ll have some wicked high school basketball action tonight on News 5 at 11p on Cincinnati’s channel 5…..

See you then….


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