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  1. Mel says:

    What is wrong with you people! How come Chris Mack didn’t make his kids apologize in public not in a statement?
    Cronin(who was not my favorite coach till now) did the right thing and all the blame doesn’t belong on them. Gates didn’t cold cock Frease,he was as much apart of the brawl as anyone,everyone was throwing punches.(Cold cocked means you are standing at a bar having a drink and someone comes out of nowhere and throws a punch, not in the middle of a brawl where everyone’s hand and arms are flying) Obviously you have not known someone who has been cold cocked
    It just happened that no one else’s punch landed. The X players were throwing punches at the UC coaches and Doctors! But no one talks about that! Mack has no leadership, he was more worried about how to explain the fight to his little girls, than deal with getting his players under control and not talking to the press or standing on the scorerers table yelling obcentities ! At least Cronin took their jerseys and made them sit in the Locker room. You better start telling both sides!
    Frease is a big baby if he tries to sue Gates he was as much apart of it as anyone,he just got the worst of it!

    None of this would have gotten to this level if Mack had told Holloway to stop talking to the UC bench. Mack is pathetic, he looked like a deer in the headlights,not like a man in charge
    I don’t care how good or bad either team is Cronin was the more level headed and Chris Mack acted like he had no clue what was going on. That’s why Holloway and Lyons are gangsta!!!! and proud of it.
    They should have apologized on TV also, and you have just put all the spotlight on UC’s part in it and none on X’s in your report tonight!
    That’s a BOO on you!
    A much smarter OU grad than you are!

    • kenbroo says:

      Xavier, wisely so, chose not to make their players available to apologize. After the way two of them behaved in a news conference Saturday, it was a good move.

      Gates was wrong, as was Moodj. You won’t find a rational person on this earth who would condone what they did. Mack was weak in his initial response Saturday, as was Xavier in the way it handled the situation in the immediate aftermath. Xavier’s problem is more image. Allowing two players to say what was said Saturday, having a hostile crowd hurling obscenities at an opposing team and fans hardly falls into the teachings of the Society of Jesus. Xavier President, Father Michael Graham has failed to convey that to his athletic director, as he has in conveying it to Xavier coaches and players.

      But physical assault should never, under any circumstances, be tolerated, whether at a sporting event or on the street. You sound like a UC fan. You need to think a little deeper about the significance of what happened to your school’s image. For years, it’s been trying to repair it from the damage done to it by some of its athletes. Mick Cronin has done a very good job of that. Saturday is was conjuring up memories of Art Long and Roy Bright. And that is not good.

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