What Does Another Bengals “Black Out” Tell You, And Mike Brown?

48 hours before the ‘deadline’ to declare a blackout, the Bengals have made a preemptive strike.  They’ve already raised the white flag.  This Sunday’s game between the Bengals and Houston Texans, scheduled for 1pm at Paul Brown Stadium will not be televised.   If you’re scoring at home (and we’ll leave that one alone for the moment) what does it tell you when a team is 7-5, a complete surprise to almost every NFL follower, and it’s had a grand total of one home game televised?

More important, what does it tell Mike Brown?

I’ve long held the theory that a bad economy has finally caught up with decades of bad Bengals football.  More than anything else, that’s the reason why the Bengals have so many unsold seats and corporate suites.  And when you mix in the holiday season, when people are spending what money they have on gifts, you have the situation that exists with the Bengals.

Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, a new attitude team with a terrific defense has yet to completely captivate the greater Cincinnati area.  People are still interested in what the team does.  TV ratings for Bengals games have never been higher.  But there’s monetary apathy surrounding this club.  The majority of greater Cincinnati area has yet to embrace this team financially.   Maybe that comes with time and a better economy.

To be sure, the Bengals will have a good story to sell in this next off season.   But how many fans will be buying it?



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Multiple EMMY Award Winning Sports Director At Cincinnati's WLWT News 5 and Sports Talk Host At 700 WLW
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