Random Thoughts For A Random Tuesday

Things I’ve been thinking about that have caused me to lose sleep lately….

What if the Bengals had been tempted by the sheer athletic ability of Ryan Mallett or the hype surrounding Blaine Gabbert and had selected either one of them instead of Andy Dalton? What if Jacksonville or New England had the same intel on Dalton that the Bengals had? The Bengals coach who pushed the hardest for Cincinnati to draft Dalton was Jay Gruden, again proving my point that the best off-season acquisition the Bengals made this year was signing up Gruden to be their offensive coordinator…

I think if Dalton has the same kind of year in 2012 that he’s having now, Gruden gets a lot of interest from teams looking for a head coach….

Dalton to AJ Green for at least the next five seasons is one of the best reasons to be a Bengals fan….

How are things going with TO and Ochocinco?

Two things keeping the Bengals from being a very good team (they’re just good at the moment IMHO) is a shutdown cover corrnerback and left guard. They’ll have to find a right guard in the off-season too. The interior line, while not a weakness, is part of the reason why the Bengals running game isn’t as strong this year as it was last….

BTW, you can find a running back anywhere. No need to burn a first day pick on that next spring….

Mick Cronin said Monday night he hadn’t slept more than four hours since his team was embarrassed Saturday by Presbyterian. That two point loss on UC home floor will haunt the Bearcats, I’m afraid, all season. Why do I think come tournament time, UC is a bubble team and that loss could burst the bubble. I hope I’m wrong….

I think Yancy Gates is going to have a monster year….

I hate to do this to Chris Mack, but I also think Xavier is a legit Final 4 team. I absolutely love backcourt and Dez Wells is electrifying…..

The Reds are interested in Oakland A’s closer Andrew Bailey? Really? The same Andrew Bailey who had a major elbow issue a year ago? Francisco Cordero is now drawing interest from at least five Major League teams and his chances of returning in 2012 are beginning to grow dimmer than even a month ago. But Bailey looks like trouble from here…

I hope the Reds will use their annual Redsfest to announce a long term deal with Brandon Phillips, much as they did last year with Bronson Arroyo…

You’ll hear from Arroyo Tuesday night at 11p on News 5. He told me this past weekend he’s in the gym six days a week preparing for next season. He’s embarrassed by his performance in 2011, when he gave up home run balls at an alarming rate…..

I had a chance to visit with Hall Of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry on my radio show Sunday on 700 WLW. Perry is in Cincinnati this weekend for the Moeller High School Sportscard and Memorabilia show that begins Friday. Perry told me his reputation for throwing a spitball was more psychological than actual, that he would use that to ‘get into the head’ of an opposing batter. Perry says his easiest target was Reggie Jackson. When he faced the Reds, Perry would put vaseline on his hands, he told me, and walk around shaking hands with Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and Tony Perez to give them something to think about. It must have worked. Perry won 314 Major League games in his career, pitching more than 300 innings in a couple of his 22 Big League seasons. Perry also had an astounding 303 complete games…

Urban Meyer to Ohio State appears to be a done deal. Both sides are apparently waiting until the season ends to announce the marriage, which is smart…..

If Penn State plays football next season, and don’t kid yourself ‘if’ is the operative word, a great hire for head coach would be Harvard’s Tim Murphy. I remember him from his days at UC. The legitimacy the UC football program has now can be traced back to Murphy, who inherited a mess in Clifton…

But I wouldn’t wish that Penn State situation on anyone. I still think the worst news is yet to come. You think it’s been bad so far? Wait until the alleged victims begin to talk.


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