You Can Hate On The Cardinals All You Want…

Let’s face it, in Cincinnati there’s no bigger villain than Tony La Russa. Chris Carpenter, Yadier Molina and Prince Albert would all vie for second place. In fact, pick any St. Louis Cardinals player and you’ve got an instant villain in the Queen City. You can hate on the Cardinals all you want, but they have a heart of a soon to be champion.

I don’t any way Texas wins this World Series. Not now, not after what St. Louis did in game 6 Thursday night. Twice, the Cardinals came back from one run deficits, then won game 6 in the eleventh inning on David Freese’s home run. It became an instant classic.

The Cardinals are good, but they know it. The organization’s arrogance is as amazing as its ability to build contending teams almost every season. But as much as it pains me to say this, I’m hoping the Cardinals win game 7 Friday night. It will serve as another reminder to the Reds that one contending season does not a good ball club make. It should light a fire under an organization that rested on the little laurels it achieved in 2010 and gave us the bummer of 2011. If there’s any good that will come out of this lost season in Cincinnati, it will be a St. Louis win. You want to be taken seriously as a baseball franchise? Then start behaving like the team that’s about to win this World Series.

It was an amazing piece of journalism Thursday by writer, Les Carpenter. In an article for that web site, Carpenter got Marvin Lewis to admit that he believes Carson Palmer quit on the Bengals in the middle of the 2010 season.

“At what point did Carson quit?”, Marvin Lewis asks repeating a question posed to him by Carpenter. “At some point last year, he decided he didn’t want to be here. This didn’t happen at the end of the season. There was a point earlier, on when he said, ‘This isn’t the place for me’:.

It’s more than apparent now that the ‘he’ that Lewis was referring to last week in a news conference when he said, “Someone has done a good job of driving the fans away from here. And he was wrong”, was Palmer. It’s more than apparent that the reason why Palmer requested a trade and refused to report this year to Cincinnati, claiming he was retired, was because he did not want to play another down for Lewis.

But for a head coach to say what Lewis said is truly astounding.

By the way, Carpenter will be one of my guests this Sunday morning on 700 WLW Sunday Morning Sports Talk. I’m on from 9am-Noon. And if you don’t live without the 50,000 watt signal range of that ‘blowtorch’, you can always listen on line at


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