Big East Conference Has An End Game

Seems to me, there’s always a road out of trouble, regardless of what situation you’re in. And right now, the Big East Conference is in a lot of trouble. Pitt, Syracuse and TCU are skating. West Virginia will probably accept an offer to join the Big 12 Conference before the week is out. And UConn and Rutgers will jump at joining the ACC as soon as that conference shows them a wink and a little leg.

If you’re scoring at home, that now only five football playing schools left in the Big East. It can begin puckering now, as it prepares to kiss its automatic qualifier (AQ) to a major bowl game goodbye after 2013.

Unless the Big East runs an end game. And it’s apparently right there for the taking.

About ten days ago, the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA announced a merger, 22 teams playing in this super conference, football only. The design was to keep Boise State, the crown jewel of the Mountain West from jumping to the Big East. Say what you want about the Big East, it still has its AQ for at least a few more years. But now, with so much uncertainty surrounding its status, the Big East needs Boise as much as the new mega conference does. So rather than go down with the sinking ship, why not join the party.

If the Big East Conference is really intent on surviving, holding onto that precious AQ, then why not jump into the new mega conference? It would be football only, which means the Big East would still be the best basketball conference on the planet.

Big East commissioner, John Marinatto is said to be resisting this scenario. Maybe his ego won’t let him admit that he’s been asleep at the switch as other conferences have poached his teams. But it’s time to check ego at the door. joining beats dying. And what’s left of the Big East is dying right now.


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